Republican National Convention

I think it says allot for Sen. John McCain to put the Gulf Region ahead of the upcoming convention. They will even use much of the convention to help raise money for the project damages that will be caused by the latest hurricane.

President George Bush will not attend until he is satisfied everything that can be done is being done. This also shows how we live and learn and continue to grow and stay the #1 nation in the world.

Yes mistakes were made during the Katrina Hurricane but they don’t have to be made again now do they?

Also I was very proud of the Mayor of New Orleans to say "if you are caught looting you will go straight to the big house and placed in the general population section and remain there until we have time to give you a fair trial. That was great, my hat is off to him.

Also My hat is off to the Republican party to think of the people in the Gulf Region before themselves.

God bless to all people in that region, I will be praying for you.

The Republican Administration has taken it hard from the American people as the world sat and watched how little help the American government could afford to provide its own citizens after the Katrina hurricane.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how bad it will look for the Republicans, during another national disaster, to be engaged in a party to celebrate itself and promote itself for the next election.

It was strictly, 100% a political decision not to be holding a party while Americans are dying during a national disaster.

Nothing to congratulate anyone about, IMO.

This is most likely the first time that I have ever felt sorry for you. Just who the hell do you think you are. People are puting themselves first pal, something that maybe you have never done.

Frank…How many people stop you on the street, shake your hand, and thank you for having lunch? Not too many for it is not that big of a deal, is it?

Do you think that the Republicans want to be seen laughing, clapping, applauding, cheering, and waiving their McCain banners while bodies are being swept into the ocean? This is why they are “cutting back”. They are still holding their convention…but on Monday while a hurricane is destroying lives and property, they will postpone their dancing, drinking, and cheering to the following day, and will only perform “essential” business.

I don’t blame them. Holding their celebration on Monday would be like wearing a clown suit to a funeral. While these people are not, traditionally, the sharpest pencils in the box…they are not that dumb.

To “congratulate” them for covering their butts does not seem appropriate, to me.

Let me add this as well. I live in Mississippi and I have family and friends all through the area that are about to be wiped out and those same family and friends lost plenty during Katerina. I did not point my finger at the Government instead I did what I could to help. What did you do Jim beside slam the President? Tell me there is more to you than this.

Please post where I “slammed” the President, Frank.

First question has no meaning so I will/unable to answer.

Second question, Of course not. But it does say allot about the character of our leaders. Did you know Cuba has no reported deaths after 150 mile an hour winds? We learned allot from Katerina Jim, it really shows you think?

I believe this is just one of your many remarks lately as to the slam I was referring to.

Jim B. & Joe B. are actually brothers. Didn’t you know that??:wink: Sad , angry, & in the gutter! But that is how the debate goes! I went back and deleted a couple of my posts from yesterday and I am sure I missed a couple as I was being drug into the gutter and I know better. My apologies if I missed a few. By the way we have a republican Gov, there now! Lets see hows its handled!:wink: Jim, man, I wish you wouldn’t go there and just keep it civil. I can speak for many, I am sure, when I say you are respected for your logic not for being in the gutter with some! You I am truly sorry for feeling you have to vote socialist but so be it. Your brother however I am pleased to hear it!:smiley:

One thing for certain the strategy is to keep talking about the republicans so we don’t talk about OBama! He has nothing but anger, and an empty suit with no substance. If you think about it, it’s not a bad strategy! Until we insist he be explained with substance nothing will change. I mean look at some of these petty, stupid articles they bring up. Like its makes an argument. I personally look at the source such as the NY Times then I look at the posting source such as… then I don’t read them.:mrgreen: I don’t expect to see anything about the right side factual coming from these folks!

After thinking about your remarks this statement is the one that upset me.

Why do people have to think like this? “Their only covering there butts” “They could care less about the people of the Gulf region” “There republicans nothing but scum bags”

I congratulate them because the Republican National Convention is the election for them. These people have spent millions to have this and attend.
So instead of going ahead full blown with it they made a great decision to think of others first. And all you can do is put them down for it. Thats bad dude. Sometimes you need to just shut up.

The people in Louisana are a little smarter than they were three years ago and are taking action to evacuate. Last time, not so smart. They depended on FEMA who was ill prepared at the time to deal with enormity of the situation The federal government is also smarter than three years ago.

Gustav will be classic example of how well things can work when people do the right thing by caring independently for their families and themselves along with assistance and direction by the government for those that need it.

It’s good to see people getting off of their @sses for a change.

Lessons learned.

Not sure why those folks in Katrina were waiting on FEMA for direction. Shouldn’t the local and state government have been all over the evacuation? Here in California when we have fires and earthquake disasters, we’re not waiting on FEMA for direction…

Besides we’ve got Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein to give us leadership.:shock:

We’ll I don’t know. FEMA and the state and local governments are all over it this time. Seems like it is now, as it should be, no?

’Reagan coalition’ called dead on RNC eve
Source: UPI

‘Reagan coalition’
Published: Aug. 31, 2008 at 3:57 PM

ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. 31 (UPI) – As Republicans gather in Minnesota for their 2008 national convention, they face a new era in which the so-called “Reagan coalition” is gone, analysts say.

The broad alliance of social conservatives, small-government activists and pro-military hawks that elected U.S. President Ronald Reagan twice in the 1980s – and which has mostly held together in the intervening years – has splintered for good, analysts told McClatchy Newspapers Sunday.

“The coalition that elected Reagan is no longer there,” William Lacy, a political director in the Reagan White House and now director of the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas, told the news service. He said that in foreign policy, “neoconservative” interventionists have alienated many Republicans who believe nation-building is a mistake.

“Neocons are willing to throw out some of the principles of conservatism,” he added.

Read more:… /

The Republicans got the biggest break possible in this Hurricane Gustov.
Now they will not be forced to trot out the worst President in modern history.

He has his excuse to stay away from the proceedings,and avoid the embarrasement.

Let’s not forget, there were a lot of people who defied orders to evacuate, and others who stayed behind on purpose to loot and such. There was nothing racial about it, most of Fema employees are black. There were dozens of reasons why things did not go well, number one was the magnitude of the disaster. You had to be there to believe it, and even then it was still hard. It was spread out over two hundred miles, and Fema was already going full bore with the Hurricanes that hit Florida first.

As someone who came from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and spent a lot of my cavity prone years running in and out of New Orleans I can pretty much tell you with all certainty it was not the people of Katrina but rather the people of NEW Orleans who were depending on The Government. It is because they have depended on the Government for their whole lives for generations. The people right up the (20 miles) coast in Mississippi were not depending on the Government but did allow FEMA to come in whereas the folks in N.O. and the LA Governor did not. They turned down help and advise three times. I have two brothers in Lafayette and they told me stories of regular citizens who loaded up their bass boats, air boats, etc and their gasoline and got as far as the entrance to N.O. and got turned around. There was a caravan of them that showed up to help the people of N.O. but the local authorities did not want it. FEMA got a bad rap for a lot of what happened. The aftermath further illustrated that dependent mentality when they were given credit cards to buy food, etc. They bought liquor, jewelry, drugs. No where else in the country when there are disasters has the failure of Socialism been so starkly put on display.

I have done numerous home inspections for people who were displaced after Katrina and came here and found out the rest of the country is not like N.O. They have told me they would never go back, they found good jobs, their kids are thriving in the schools here, little or no crime compared to N.O. and they are finally getting a slice of the American Dream. I have done many home inspections for people in the oil industry who live here but work on the rigs and they tell me the same thing. They would not live there for nothing.

Remember, Canadian troops were on the ground in the Katrina hit zone, three days before American troops arrived. While State government tried to keep Federal aid from the area, Canadian search and rescue teams were driving throughout the night to get there on day two. Our navy sailed within the week with supplies bound for the gulf.

Those same teams are ready for the call today. While you twits argue politics peoples lives are in the balance.

America does not stand alone.

And we appreciate it, thanks. Once again though that was the Louisiana National Guard and they are controlled by the Governor. Even that was used to make political hay. They were too tired to help cause they had just gotten back from Iraq. That is not what the National Guard said as they were ready to go help their own. The polititicans put that garbage out. My brother Jim has some good friends in the Guard. Your point is well taken and illustrated in the political bickering getting in the way of common sense.

78-Year-Old Nun Arrested At RNC Protest
Nine Protesters Were Busted By Cops In Riot Gear For Entering Restricted Area

Police in riot gear arrested two women in their 70s and seven others taking part in an antiwar march at the Republican National Convention on Sunday after they crossed a security fence into a restricted area near Xcel Energy Center.

Jeanne Hynes, 72, of St. Paul was arrested along with her friend McKenzie, a nun from the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Well you can’t keep everyone away.