Reputation Boxes

What is with the passive-aggressive use of red reputation boxes? Let me clarify that I could care less about the “status” summarized in the upper right hand corner of my replies; it has no bearing on my ability to post. What I am wondering is why I am receiving red boxes based not on the merits of my arguments but simply out of disagreement of them? I’m not losing sleep over this, I’m just curious as to what this passive-aggressiveness accomplishes? Seems like some do not understand the concept of professionalism …

BTW, do our non-members have reputation voting privileges?

Maybe someone wanted to give you agree, but was blinded by your sig.


Its so easy to be the source of controversy around here!:stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is intended to be an anynamous swipe at people,
simular to road rage without a pistol…:mrgreen:

To shut the damn thing off and don’t worry about it! :slight_smile:

That’s not so anonymous, John! Now, maybe if the windows were tinted REALLY dark and there just a hand and gun hanging out of a slightly cracked window…:twisted: