Reputation of Home Inspectors

Considering how long it took for home inspectors to become a recognised part of the home buying process in Canada, it seems that their provided service is now widely accepted and appreciated.

I just have noticed a national TV advertisement where a **“Home Inspector” **is being featured to explain why he is using a certain brand of automobile for his business.

The fact that the producer of the ad has chosen a home inspector over a real estate agent to act as spokesperson for the product gives reason to assume, that Canadian home inspectors must have in general established a good reputation for themselves.

**Rudolf Reusse **- Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired.

Also what is happening is an interest in regulating the Home Inspection in Ontario. I know this may not be in the best interest for all Inspectors as many will need to take more education to level the playing field, however in the interest of the individuals search for a home to purchase this is what is needed.
What has been done in Alberta most likely will occur here in Ontario soon. We as an Association need to gear up for this and get a foot in the door with the Government to make sure everything is planned out in the best interest for all parties involved.
We are under the radar and that is a far cry from what it used to be like.