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I'm coping this from an e-mail I received. Maybe somebody out there has AB and can help.

"Dear Fellow Independent Inspectors:

I do normally send non-IHINA relate e-mails, however, a fellow inspector has a nephew in need of help.
I have posted his e-mail below and will post a notice on the IHINA web site for the next few days. Thanks for your understanding and help.

Dennis Robitaille

"My nephew Has contracted leukemia and needs blood for surgeries. He is only 4
years old. His blood type is AB positive which is rare. If you can help and
post a request for help on all the web sites you have access to I would
appreciate it very much. Any type blood would help if AB positive is not

Any Red Cross will take the donation in his name which is:

Hyatt Mons Sanchez
Scottish Right Hospital
Atlanta, Ga. 30342
404 4256 5252

Yours gratefully,

Paul Burrell
100 Sandalwood Circle
Lawrenceville, Ga."

Thanks guys,


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It would be nice to know if anyone out there had AB type blood and helped this little person out.

Joe Myers