Request for Missouri Home Inspectors

In preparation for their push for legislation in 2008, the Missouri Association of Realtors (and members of some local chapters of home inspectors supporting them) are on a hunt.

Last year, a lobbiest for the MAR and the legislator who wrote HB 978 went to a television station in Jefferson City with a pre-written story that they had put together about a bad home inspection. They had a copy of the report (provided to them by the real estate salesman), the unhappy client all prepared for an on-air interview, and the whole shabang. They asked the news department to do a story on it that would highlight HB 978 as a solution to such problems. Unfortunately for them, the reporter put in charge of the story actually did research and found that he was being manipulated…he did a story, but did not include the “horror story” given to him by those pushing the bill.

This year, the same lobbiest and the MAR are on the same hunt.

I am asking Missouri home inspectors who, themselves, have any first hand stories regarding unethical requests made to them by Missouri real estate salespeople or first-hand knowledge of unethical/illegal activities by members of the MAR to send me an email with the information that you have.

Perhaps the knowledge that we are equally prepared with such information will be enough to discourage their use of it.

Gosh busshy… Why the witch hunt.

All it takes to get Licensed is…

A High School Education

Minimum Hrs of HI training.

Passing a proctored exam, that per nick is a kindergarden test compared to your test that you already passed.

Proof that you know how to do an inspection report to the sop.

Most states a background check to assure the inspector is not some wacko that might go stalking a customer or realtor if the inspection goes bad.

Of all these minimum requirements what can’t you do, or what would disqualify you to represent our profession from this list of unreasonable qualifications that 1000s of other inspectors have already done in 30 plus other states…

We are against Realtors running our licensing board. It appears that the leaders of MAR have no problem with the conflict of interest they are opposing. They started the witch hunt, we just need insurance that they will be behave.
Remember this lobbist, that James speaks of, was once a lobbist for **** fighting that just proves that MAR is reckless. I will not be surprised if James’s email gets over loaded with stories. They admitted at the Missouri Housing Industry Alliance meeting this month, several times, that they have no control over their members. Unlike NACHI, they must have no enforcement. Realtors gone wild!

They started the witch hunt, we just need insurance that they will be behave.
Make sure they will behave:mrgreen:
That should qualify you for consideration to be nacho member of the year:mrgreen:

So are you saying Nacho members are qualified to make sure realtors behave, :mrgreen: :mrgreen: and by that are you saying nacho members are totally truthfull when marketing to the public when listing their experience, completed ce, years in business etc…

Hmmm. wait a min… doesn’t your orgs web site state that there is no LAW requiring you to disclose your experience, or lack of experience, and no requirements on disclosing how long you have been in business?

Wait a min… who’s going to control busshys imaginary non nacho inspectors that are in the realtors back pockets, by paying for inspections and providing soft reports.

Unlike NACHI, they must have no enforcement. Realtors gone wild!

Enforcement:roll: :roll: … Failing to pay 289.00 to nick, and promising to obey nick every year to assure you are renewed is considered enforcement ??

Not what I meant but it appears, by your posts, that they are more truthful than you.
No laws that I know of.
He did not say that. You sound like a Republican.
Wrong, you must of been kicked out of an inspection organization to make a comment like that.

Here Kittty Kitty Kitty

I gotta be honest. I fear that if we have licensing, I won’t have enough experience, training or qualifications to get licensed. And the tests - that really throws me. I’ve never been any good at taking those kind that you have to be able to read and write for. I did really good on my first ASHI one however cause it had lots of pictures.

How can you be a Democrat and be against government control? :roll:

I am not against government control like national health care. I am against special interest groups controling our goverment. Just look at what is happening with “The Decider” administration now.

Each bill presented in Missouri, and backed by the Missouri Association of Realtors, has real estate salesmen (and/or some other home inspection association) controlling all home inspectors. Either of these alternatives presents a conflict of interest which is very harmful to the consumer that these groups are pretending to protect.

Increasing the size of governmet by nationalizing healthcare or controling HIs is not consistant with the concepts of freedom and limited government.

Stick to the proscribed limits within the constitution and we will all be better off.

I assume you were quite happy with the previous “decider” administration. I can’t seem to remember anything that administration accomplished which promoted freedom or enhanced the protection of our citizens. Can you?:stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with you, I think you just misunderstood my post. Republicians do not support national health care because of the special interest that lines their pockets. I know alot of people on Medicare, they just made it worst by letting the insurance companies run it. People on Medicare are getting less coverage now than ever before. If an “i” is not dotted ot a “t” not crossed they will not give you any medication, no matter if it is a life and death situation. It is all about profits now.

When it comes to business legislation at the local level, political party has no bearing. The lobbyists for the Missouri Association of Realtors and the lobbyists for ASHI are working both sides of the aisle.

Are you sure? Medicare is not nationalized health. It has huge problems that our weak politicians refuse to address but it is a seperate issue. If you advocate a national health care system you do not agree with me my friend. It is a sure way to increase costs and/or reduce available services. There is no free lunch and the government has shown its utter inability to run anything with efficiency.

Ahhh after all these years I finally got it… ASHI members are the bad Republican guys and NACHO guys are the right winged socialist liberals, or are they left wingers, ah heck their all wackos:twisted: :twisted:

Actually I’m in the middle with a Texas guy from long time ago, Eddie Childs, and will continue being , Mad As Hel*" :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I gotta listen more to the failing liberal stations and quit believing Hannity, Savage, M Regan and Limbough…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Well I figure something had corrupted your brain.

The government is no longer in control of Medicare, the special interst is (insurance companies). Are current health care system works only for the rich people, There is some third world countries that have a better health care system then what we do. My dad says he gets better care from the VA hospital than he had ever got from a regular practice. See, the doctors at a VA hospital do not have a corporation telling them that they are not seeing enough people a day.
When a doctor wants to preform an operation or prescribe a medication to save his patience life, he has to ask somebody in a cubical at an insurance company if he can save this person’s life. The insurance company employee in return tries to find a way to turn this claim down for this insurance company employee can look good in front of his employer and get a raise. There are over 45 million people who do not have health insurance, there are none in France. It is pretty bad when we let the french do something better than us.

Don’t be calling me none of your family names!


Are you talkng about medigap insurance?

The 45 million figure is patently false no matter how often you may hear it.
Read This

Many who can afford private health insurance choose to not have it. That is their right.

Many young and healthy don’t have health insurance either. That is their right.

Way too many think government can fix anything. That is their right.
But they have little evidence to support their thinking.:shock: