Request for moderators

Now that the forum is updated we need some volunteer moderators. The more the merrier. Please contact me or reply to this thread if you are interested.

I’ll help.

Whoever the moderators are their name(s) should be posted. And when a post is deleted there should be a reason stated as to why it was deleted.

I agree 100%

Without stated reasons and tracking it will be a complete mess.

And WHO deleted it…and why is this conversation taking place in the PUBLIC section of the forum???:roll:

I’ll pass.

LOL!!! Now THERE is a smart man!!! Pass on your own system!!!:twisted:

Chris, what other “upgrades” were done to the message board. I am not seeing much except the reputation system is gone (YEAH!!:))?

We are all starting from scratch Got to earn it lol

If they upgraded the vbulletin software to the most current version, there are a lot of new options. However, that doesn’t mean they enabled them. Regardless, it’s more secure from hackers.

My hat’s already in the ring, Chris . . . as long as the guidelines are clear and acceptable.

Chris, here is a thread of folks who already volunteered in preparation:

As a longtime proponent of moderation on this board, count me in.

You may remember, I almost got hung when I made a similiar recommendation years ago.

Whatever happened to the MB, it’s really slow.
And, what’s with this “redirecting” bubble that comes up after a new post? It hangs on my screen for 5 seconds.
Not fun, Chris . . .:frowning:

Amend that to 8 seconds . . . :twisted:

Yea I hope that is corrected. Besides being really slowww, It makes me feel like I’m being watched. I think I’m gonna update my security.

No thanks - Not for Bags O’ Money

Chris, the moderators of the bb should be selected. Anyone who volunteers for the positions should be automatically excluded. Think about it…

Tongue in cheek, I volunteer and have substantial experience doing so, but, who would moderate my moderations since I can not see my posts until they are now moderated?

Seriously though, I do have some very useful suggestions for things to do to make the moderation simpler and also maintain a history of all posts or members requiring moderation.

If interested, may I request that my handcuffs be unlocked?


Now, just so I repeat myself from another thread…

This rule will definitely reduce or eliminate many potential good quality posters from desiring to take part in valuable discussions

The rest is a copy/paste from the Non-Members can still post on this board thread:

What I don’t get about the new rule, is what does it prevent?

If someone were to post Spam or Inflammatory Remarks, then other members would hit the Report Post Icon to report it to the moderators immediately. Thats when a post should deserve moderation.

I see this as increasing the moderating tasks more than assisting in the duties to diminish their work load.

I know first hand, because I moderate on which has over 40,000 members and which has over 45,000 members and several Roofing related sites. If I had to add Moving Approved Posts to the duties, I wouldn’t have time to keep up.

I just try to offer practical real world experience commentary to assist those that run into typical situations, but have not actually done the roofing or ventilation tasks before themselves.

I don’t know how long it took to get posted. The one answer to another thread and this question both were not available for me to see, so I left the forum last night to wait for the response to this question.

It sucks the wind out of the continuity of a discussion, like one thread which requested questions to be considered for a roofing guide book. I never would have posted more than one situation, had I not gotten instant response and feedback.

I am sure you put some thought into this action, but it probably had more to do with inflammatory posters, which I do not consider myself to be.

See if you guys in charge can reconsider that rule please. As diplomatically as this statement can be said, this rule Sucks, in my own humble opinion.

Or, the very least, have an option for a gratis affiliate membership for posters considered worthwhile to have on board, since I do not plan on opening up a Home Inspection business to compete with you guys. Maybe some sort of probationary status for an unknown personality new to posting on this site could be considered.

Does that seem reasonable to you?