Request Help from ICC certified code members

I have the 2006 Code Book. I have read the Study Guide in PDF.
I copied the IRC Code Index and the Table of Contents pages, so I would have them in front of me.
Here is my problem, I take a question from the PDF test, I try to look up a key word in the “Index” then go to the “Table of Contents” and look either for the Key word or the Table number, (example: Keywords - Concrete/Floors Table # R506, Contents says chapter starting P120.)
My problem is I have a hard time understanding what is the key words, then checking the Index and Contents page, then sifting through the sub-headings or tables until I find it.
My average per question, (if I can find an answer) is 10 to 12 mins.

Do any ICC code members have advise on how to pick out key words or a better format for finding the information.
I Really do need the Help Gentleman, Please any Advise.
Email if you want, (

Have you tried here?

Order the IRC Extendex, it will cut your search time down dramatically. You can use the Extendex when taking the exam.

I have a study guide that covers the same information with study ideas.
Helpful, but learning the system of the code book is monumental in itself.

I ordered the IRC Extendex, Thank You.

I should have been more specific in asking Greg Bell, from the website, your question. He has been helpful regarding code book study ideas in the past.