Request I have not had before

Just had a lady call from Ottawa looking for someone to do a co2 test in a house. I think she may have meant a carbon monxide test, am I missing something here or is this just a mistaken phone call.

Sounds like an easy job to me, just open the fridge and look for all the flat pop (aka, “soda” for those below the Mason Dixon line, or coke for those in Atlanta). :mrgreen:

Most likley a CO (carbon monoxide) test.

In an IAQ investigation of large buildings with high #'s of occupants, CO2 meters are used as a screening/quick determination of adequate fresh air supply to the building. It would be very rare to use this on a residence!!

I was thinking along that line Brian, doing seperate co tests sounds like a whole bunch of liability trouble to me.
Sorry Mark, I know you made a funny but I don’t get it, haven’t been that far south in a long time. I know everybody gets it but me.

Carbon dioxide is what makes your soda (beer) fizzy. :smiley:

I have been performing carbon monoxide tests for years. I have had no problem. The liability is no worse than mold.

Thanks Mark, thats what my wife said. I was thinking for a co test to ask how the budgie is? Thats my funny:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Is there more info here at nachi?

Go to my web site at and click on Carbon Monoxide and read. I compiled this information a couple of years ago.