Requesting Pictures for Best Defect Award

As part of the Best Defect Picture Award Program, we are accepting defect pictures for:

2.9. Attic, Ventilation & Insulation

I. The inspector shall inspect:

[INDENT]A. the insulation in unfinished spaces;
[INDENT]B. the ventilation of attic spaces;
C. mechanical ventilation systems;
D. and report on the general absence or lack of insulation in
unfinished spaces.

**The prize is a case of books for the winner of the poll. See: **](

[FONT=Calibri]The first 10 (one each person) will be used.[/FONT]

Alright, some of you guys in the South, show me some defects up there in those hot attics. I want to know if you went up in the oven to find those defects. :mrgreen:


in lieu of insulation 60 years of mud dauber nests


Yes ma’am , we put 20 bags of insulation in your attic!

I thought that was Bat insulation…:shock:

               ![Nice Attic.jpg|403x403](upload://vtP4kxYdA2Oa4wDMbfn8OPfmQZI.jpeg)

Edit for Marcel…:slight_smile:

(They installed a Horizontal unit and return inside an attic full of vermiculite and a dead Bat.
Vermiculite and blowers do not play well together Marcel.)

Nice Attic.jpg

Nice Attic.jpg

Thanks guys:)

Barry, that is one bad looking attic.

Ed did you tell them the job wasn’t quite finished?:slight_smile:

Bob, do you have a single picture or leave the collated one?

Thanks for the contributions.

Any more? Seven more would do it. :slight_smile:

Ha ha
I think you might need a better screen if you do not get it Marcel.:slight_smile:

Well, I guess you’re going to have to help this Caveman understand Bob.


Look closely at the middle one.




Dryer lint.jpg

I told them they needed to do a little cleaning work in the attic also.

I thought this was bad over a bedroom until I seen Barry’s. I guess some is better than nothing.

It seemed normal, then came the IR camera, then oops and here it is.

8153 UTILITY 1.jpg

8153 INT INSUL.jpg

Thanks John.:slight_smile:

Came across this one today. Seller wondered why the one room was so hot in the summer and cold in the winter. At Least with 103 temp today the attic was fairly cool. :slight_smile: And yes, ALL the duct needed replaced. The attic was cooler than the house.

Love it when the attic space is cooled>>>>>>haha

Thanks Tom.

Cut wires to the humidifier just hanging out there in the breeze in one pic and the other of the furnace dere hey up in the attic, well it speaks for itself meeee thinks.

You should have got a load of the stench when we fired that puppy up…too bad we don’t have scratch 'n sniff…

Al in TN

We need a few more defects. :slight_smile:

Not much wrong in this picture except that the whole ridge looked like that from inside the attic but on the outside the ridge was equipped with full length ridge venting.

So how was the venting in the attic Bert?:mrgreen:


Tie a bow string to it and we’ll have target practice…