offers InterNACHI deal.

Hi everyone,

I’m Jeff Herrera the founder of I’m here to help answer any questions you may have about to

I’m also looking forward to hearing how it works for you and if you have any suggestions on how to make it a better tool for you, please let me know.

I would want to post an association logo in my profile. I am trying to post a Certified Master Inspection logo. So I went to the and picked up this url . I cannot get it to work on your site.
What am I doing wrong?

Also, I cannot fill out the awards section.

James, thanks for the input.

The association logo should be inputted in html format: <a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“”" /></a>

I made this change for you already so it displays correctly. I will also be changing this input so that it is a simple upload of the association logo image you want to display.

I also tested the input for awards and it did allow me to input information and display it on your company profile. The input here for the awards is standard text. This way you have some room to describe what the award was for, etc…

If you are still having problems, send me an email with your input and i’ll correct it for you. Also let me know what browser you typically use to i can take a look with the same browser.

My browser is IE9.


We fixed the association logo part and decided to just allow you to upload an image. We will be uploading those changes tomorrow morning. I will also add back in the logo that you want to have displayed.

Have you had a chance to try anything else out on the website yet?

How about posting a synopsis of what your program is all about, including “the bottom line”. To be honest, we get inundated with such offers all the time, (here, email, phone) and my eyes (and mind) glaze over pretty quickly now-a-days. If your post intiugues me, I’ll find time to peruse your website. Thanks. Jeff

No, will later when business slows back down.


That’s a good idea. OK. Here is the basic nuts and bolts with what we are doing:

We’re building simple tools on Requestmaster to help you initiate contact with Real Estate agents in your areas, the purpose of Requestmaster is to help you to build relationships with them as well as many others, for the purpose of helping you develop and grow a referral network.

There are a few keys you should remember:

  1. Invite one or two Realtors at a time, this gives you an introduction to them. Follow up and start the process of getting to know them. If you use it right, you will get into a good habit of contacting new agents all the time. As they sign on to the free version, and do the same, the network in your area grows.
  2. We have a newsletter that is scheduled for every Wednesday distribution. You can post articles or events for free. Remember, the purpose is relationship building. If you post Home Inspection or maintenance information, not advertisements it will take you further.
  3. We have a great basic membership that gives you a lot of access. There is really not much that is not available at the free level, except for the ability to advertise in the newsletters which, if you want to, AND you have been an active early adopter, you can definitely take advantage of that down the road :slight_smile:

We are continuing to build new features based on membership wishes and input. I hope this summary helps a bit more. What we are looking to do is build a valuable referral network, with valuable quality businesses.

Here is a summary of the basic and premium memberships.
Membership Benefits
Basic (Free)
Business listed in the directory
Unlimited leads sent via email and text
Full business profile
Your articles distributed via weekly E-newsletters
Post events in weekly E-newsletter
10 mile service territory
10 mile E-newsletter recipients coverage
Invite others to join to increase E-newletter distribution
Invite others to join to increase your exposure and networking for referrals

Premium Membership ($29.95)

Includes all of the above plus:
Featured listing above basic members in the directory
25 mile expanded service territory
25 mile E-newsletter recipients coverage

Your invitation efforts pay off with additional business branding in each E-newsletter
Your special offers are displayed weekly in E-newsletters
A link back to your website is provided in your business profile

Hi Everyone,

We are looking for approximately 20 Home Inspectors to test out our Premium version for a beta test that we are targeting to start on May 31st, 2011.

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Fully Licensed Home Inspectors
  • Must be interested in providing usage feedback and suggestions on how to make a better tool for your use.
  • Located in areas where there is a large amount of Realtors
  • You are in a large or there is a large metropolitan area nearby
  • Not interested in developing their own systems similar to
  • Is willing to commit to using as a method to Market their Home Inspection Services (Continue your existing efforts, however, dedicate a small amount of time per day to use
  • Has a good reputation in their areas and can provide 3 Realtor References

We are interested in roughly 20 or so Home Inspectors from different areas across the country to test out our premium version of We are interested in getting user feedback on their experiences with using the tools we have built, The things you like about it, what you don’t like and what you feel could be better for you as a Home Inspector.

For the individuals selected, we are allowing free usage of our Premium version during the beta testing period. After the beta testing period ends, for those who have participated, we will offer the premium version for one year as a “thank you” for helping us develop a product that is more useful to you as a Home Inspector in your marketing efforts.

So, what do you need to do?
Please send an email with “beta test” in the subject line to:

Please provide the area that you are located in and three Realtor references for our review.

We will be selecting individuals based on the responses received and geographical areas.