Required location of utility splices?

While it is common practice, is there any requirement that the utility splice at a service entrance cable be located outside the building?

The rules for the service point are set by the power utility. They usually outline this in their red book. It is normally outside for several reasons including not being responsible for indoor wiring.

Where was the meter?

Our local utility calls it the Green Book.
The meter was about 15 feet down and left of where the cable goes into the stucco.
The building was recently re-stuccoed.

I’d be concerned about wind flapping the cable against the stucco, leading to eventual failure at the point where it enters the wall. Not to mention of course, water entering the same spot.

In California, everything is green :smiley:

You cannot just bury that cable inside the stucco like that :slight_smile: It’s a service drop rated cable, not designed to penetrate the premise like that.

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Good question for the POCO

Clearly someone could and did.
The question now is what the utility would say, if they see it?
I’d ask the relevant POCO but it’s basically impossible to reach anyone with a brain.
I want to set my client’s expectations correctly.

Well, let’s see, if there is a fire and they determine the cause was improper use of service drop, and you inspected it. I don’t know, you tell me. It’s not a matter of what one will do with it. It’s a matter of reporting it and letting the client figure it out. Let them call an electrician and have them deal with it.