Required roof permit documentation question

Since some jurisdictions don’t want to play well with others when it comes to providing written docs, IE: they’re not available online and they want 15 cents per page to fax to you but won’t keep your credit card on file, etc…would a fill in the blank form that can be faxed to the bld dept and faxed back to us be acceptable to the insurance underwriters? Does anyone have such a form already prepared?

It is the clients responsibility to provide the documentation so you can verify it.

Come up with a form and I’ll make an executable PDF for everyone. I am currently working on such a form for my clients.


damn caps. I hope you all charge a lot. I have started doing research and have not seen any price increases advertised yet. Only one I heard raising prices so far is Chris.

Lets remember not to click on each others ads just to price check. If you want to know what I charge just ask. I will be sure to show the same courtesy to fellow InterNACHI members :slight_smile:

How long do you think it will be until bldg depts start having specific hours and methods for getting the info? They are going to get tired of this crap quick.

What do you think the guy in charge of each bldg dept’s budget is going to do when he sees his folks spending 50% of their time doing this stuff for nothing?

I would love to hear what you all think is going to happen.

Be bold make your predictions :slight_smile:

1/2 of all of them are only open 4 days a week now.

Mike, have you always had the HO get the info in writing? I have always just called the bld dept b/c I wouldn’t trust a verbal from the HO. Most of the time I would ask the HO to provide the info, it turned into more work and hassle for me. I can only imagine requiring written docs from them would be as bad or worse. I suppose it would be easiest to say…no docs, OK I’m done!

I never take a verbal from a homeowner.

A great many times I have instructed them what to do and they have managed and I take the verbal directly from the bldg dept. I never have problems with folks doing their due diligence. They have the option pay me to do it or do it themselves with my tips. Most choose to do it themselves. Occasionally I help veterans who are over seas, old folks or those I do not think can actually do it.

What area do you work in dwalsh1?

What area do you work in dwalsh1?

I work Brevard and Indian River counties. That’s Melbourne/Vero Beach.
I’m in John Shishilla’s hood.

Mainly SE Florida. I am just curious I always like to know where folks are from or working.