Requirement for auxiliary Panel

Here’s the scenario.

Meter and service disconnect located on exterior.
Service panel in garage.
There is a 90 amp 240v breaker serving an aux. panel for 2 air conditioners.
There is a 3 wire conductor (2 @ 120v and a neutral) from the service panel to the aux. panel.
In the aux panel the conductors are connected to the live busses and a neutral buss.
There are 2 240v breakers for the 2 AC units.
The ground (ECGs) from the AC units are connected to the neutral buss in the aux panel. The aux panel is not grounded.
OKAY or bad news?

Bad news. First of all, the service panel is at the meter with the service disconnect. All other panels downstream are distribution or sub panels, and the neutrals must be isolated from the box and the EGCs. Photos would be nice.

The 3 wire feeder to the AC panel needs to be reconfigured to have 2 hots and an EGC not a neutral. This panel will have no neutral because the loads do not require one. What you have now (ungrounded enclosure) is unsafe.

Thanks guys!