Requirements for a licensed electrician

I would like to ask of what is required to being a licensed electrician?

I understand that the requirements may very from state to state.

Being a licensed electrician and a home inspector in my opinion is a excellent combination.

I would also like to ask if any inspectors with a license for electrical if they have ever been asked by a realtor “Are you a licensed electrician”

I have heard this many times & it would be great to answer this with a yes.



interesting question…and here is a good link for you on the requirements to be a licensed electrician in each state:

You will notice they are different in each state…but ENJOY !

OH…and since I am a Master Electrician & Home Inspector i say it is a GREAT COMBINATION…thanks for noticing…:slight_smile:

Licensing Requirements:
Requirements: One of the following: 4 years of practical experience in the trade and 240 hours of formal vocational training in the trade. Experience in excess of four years may be substituted for formal vocational training at a ratio of one year of experience for 80 hours of formal training, but not to exceed 200 hours; An associate degree or a certificate of completion from at least a two-year program in a tradesman related field from an accredited community college or technical school as evidenced by a transcript from the educational institution and two years of practical experience in the trade for which licensure is desired; A bachelor’s degree received from an accredited college or university in an engineering curriculum related to the trade and one year of practical experience ; or On or after July 1, 1995, an applicant with ten years of practical experience in the trade as verified by reference letters of experience from any of the following: building officials, building inspectors, current or former employers, contractors, engineers, architects or current or past clients, attesting to the applicant’s work in the trade, may be granted permission to sit for the journeyman’s level
examination without having to meet the educational requirements.
Exam By: PSI
Passing Grade: 70%
Exam Hours: 3.5
License Fee: $90
Exam Fee: Shall not exceed $100
Renewal Fee: $40
No. Times Given: Contact PSI at (800)733-9267

Requirements: 1 yr. as a licensed Journeyman or 10 yrs. practical experience
Exam By: PSI
Passing Grade: 75%
Exam Hours: 4.5
License Fee: $90
Exam Fee: Shall not exceed $125
Renewal Fee: $40
No. Times Given: Contact PSI at (800)733-9267
Continuing Education Requirements:None Renewal:Anniversary month Renewal Year:Every 2 years Other Licenses:Contractor Class A, B, and C NEC Adoption Dates:2002 NEC adopted in November 2005 Next Projected NEC Adoption Date:2005 NEC - November 2008 Notes:Updated Dec, 2006 Reciprocates:Maryland, North Carolina

Ohio Approved CEU Courses:View List of Approved CEU Courses

State Board:State of Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Industry Compliance OCIEB
6606 Tussing Road, P.O. Box 4009
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
(614) 644-3493 Fax: (614) 728-1200
Licensing Requirements:Contractor (State Qualification Certificate)
Requirements: 5 years in the trade prior to the date of application, or 3 years experience as an engineer in the construction industry.
Exam By: ICC
Passing Grade: 70%
Exam Hours: 5
Application Fee: $25
Exam Fee: $70
Certificate Fee: $25
No. Times Given: Every 2 months Continuing Education Requirements:10 classroom hours of approved continuing education each year. 5 hrs. must be code related.

NOTE: Individuals holding an electrical contractor’s license whose 3 year cycle has not yet ended (hours due in 2005 or 2006) must still complete their 30 hrs. of approved continuing education by their assigned due dates. The 30 hours must be comprised of the following subject area and hours: Code 20 hrs., Business 5 hrs., Health & Safety 2.5 hrs., Technology 2.5 hrs. Renewal:Quarterly depending upon the month the exam was taken - 3/30, 6/30 or 9/30 Renewal Year:Annually Other Licenses:N/A NEC Adoption Dates:2005 NEC adopted January 2005 Next Projected NEC Adoption Date:2008 NEC - January 2008 Notes:Updated: May, 2005 Reciprocates:West Virginia

Illinois Approved CEU Courses:None
State Board: No State Level Licensing

Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation
320 W. Washington Street, 3rd Floor
Springfield, IL 62786
(217) 782-0458 Licensing Requirements:N/A Continuing Education Requirements:N/A Renewal:N/A Renewal Year:N/A Other Licenses:N/A NEC Adoption Dates:N/A Next Projected NEC Adoption Date:N/A Notes:None Reciprocates:None Approved CEU Courses:None State Board:No State Level Licensing Licensing Requirements:N/A Continuing Education Requirements:N/A Renewal:N/A Renewal Year:N/A Other Licenses:N/A NEC Adoption Dates:2002 NEC adopted September, 2002 Next Projected NEC Adoption Date:No indication when Indiana will adopt the 2005 NEC Notes:The 2002 NEC was amended, adopted and became effective Friday, September 13, 2002 statewide. For more information contact the Indiana State Department of Fire & Building Services (317) 232-1407.


[Iowa Approved CEU Courses:None
State Board:No State Level Licensing

Division of Labor/Contractor
Registration Section
1000 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319
(515) 242-5871 Fax: (515) 281-7995 Licensing Requirements:N/A Continuing Education Requirements:N/A Renewal:N/A Renewal Year:N/A Other Licenses:N/A NEC Adoption Dates:N/A Next Projected NEC Adoption Date:N/A Notes:None Reciprocates:None](“”)

Thanks Paul

Have you ever had a realtor say after one of your inspections that “are you or you are not a licensed electrician”

If the answer is yes please go into detail because I would love to hear the story.

In my opinion and in no offense to all the other trades. But I beleive electrical is the most significant.

Thank you again.

I need to register for the class. I am going to today.



Well to be honest with you my reputation usually preceeds itself as my site and my literature always proclaims the fact I am a Licensed Master Electrician...if for purposes as well.

I do not recall them asking me "IF" I am a electrician because I usually establish that ahead of know my old saying...if you OWN it...FLAUNT IT.......

If you have ANY certification I advise to FLAUNT IT…make it known but hey thats my opinion.

As for if they have said " You are not a licensed electrician "…no I do not recall getting that asked…BUT in your case if they said that just tell them no but I have one ON CALL 7 Days a WEEK via PHONE…lol…

But wish I had a good story for ya…but no in my case they know ahead of time that I am…my coats say it…my hats say it…and my brochures and business cards say it…

I have Electrical Service Specialists on EVERYTHING !

Dave, it is a good combination. Electricians, esecially residential, are not as “strict” as a home inspector should be on grounding, splices, etc… This helps when these items come up on an inspection , and they send uncle billy the electrician out to repair, and he says, " nothing wrong here" . The license helps here, tell them to write a letter and put it all on them.

I find my beneficial.

Now who says electricians are all named billy…:wink:

I to have it on all my advertising that I am a retired Electrician .
This most certainly stops immediately any thoughts of any one challenging my statement .
When they say OH! its OK it’s been this way for XX years
.I guess you could say I am biased but yes the electrical trade encompasses so many different fields that it sure has given me much experience.
Roy Cooke

Down here in FLA (ya ya - i know u dont want to hear about florida) one of the requirements is to have a few beers during lunch and show up late for you appointment. Or better yet, dont show up at all.

lol…electricians DO appointments down there…lol

License Fee: $90

Renewal Fee: $40

Wow Paul no wonder you have so much extra dough to throw around. Our license fee is just over $800 for the first 2 years, renewal is the same. Then there is $450 we have to pay into the recovery fund and another $450 for license bond and tax bond. Add on the liability insurance and you’re at nearly $3K for the first year. And if that’s not enough, we pay 8.1% sales tax on 65% of our gross sales.

lol…lovin VA…lol

And I was going to complain about South Carolina’s $350 bi-annual license fee.

hey…it gets worse in 2008 for VA…as I am going to be one of the CEU instructors in our state and the prices of being an Electrician is going up anyway…I for one liked the current prices…lol…