Hey guys I need a new roof. I have done it once before but it was a gable roof. How do you start the singles on a hip roof. Someone told me to start in the middle but I can’t visualize how that works. Anyone have a good link? I searched google and I couldn’t find one.

start in the middle chalk a line from the center of the top to the center of the bottom

Feel free to call if you need to

*(,,1630932,00.html) need to read lol :slight_smile: You asked for HIP

Dom he needs your assistance lol

Here is Marcels version lol “Pretty indepth”

You can order this for free

Here’s a good one.

Darn had to delete video. Website came up with virus. Anyways according to the roofers I just saw they started at the edge and worked their way up the hip.

Hire a professional!

You said you were booked with work. Are you planning on turning away work, while you do the reroof?

Be smart, hire it out.

What’s the point of owning your own business if you aren’t going to turn away work when you want to. It would only take one weekend. I turned away work this weekend to go a friends birthday party and next week will turn away more to go camping. Isn’t the point of running a business financial freedom and making your own schedule?

Juan, That one inspection that you turned down to go to a party or the inspection(s) you turn down to go camping could have possibly ended up being 10, 20 100… inspections down the road from those clients praising your work and telling their friends and so on, and some of those future inspections may have happened during the slow months.

Just something to think about.

This is your first business attempt, isn’t it? And not just any business, but a Service business to boot. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you tell your rejected clients? Do you lie to them and say you are booked those days, or do you just tell them you don’t feel like working, and they’re not important enough to your business to matter? :shock:

Good luck hitting your “financial freedom” goals by turning your “once every seven years” customers away. :neutral:

Juan, personally for me life is not all about work. All work and no play makes me a dull boy. I do not turn down work I just schedule around, there’s no need to explain. If you’re any kind of a home inspector they’ll work around your availability. It works for me. I’m not going to work myself into the grave I love to enjoy life and my fruits of labor. You can’t take it with you.

Thanks for the refreshing post Gary

Being that I am husband of the year material I booked an inspection for this morning. I knew in the back of my mind that something was going on, but I just could not place it.

Not that she will read this, but “Happy Anniversary dear!” :shock:

She didn’t even say anything when I told her I would being heading out early for an inspection. Just the ol’ “That’s nice”

Good luck climbing out of that one

Getting back to the question of this thread
I usually start off with a few chalk lines measured off from the fascia just as a point of reference. I then start my starter row along bottom edge of roof (not necessarily in the middle). I then either go from left to right or right to left creating a stair step. If its 3 tab I’ll use the middle distance of the tab as my measurement of distance of stagger. Do not eye ball the distance of next row of shingles but either use the gauge on roofing hammer or gauge on wide crown staple gun/nail gun (that you set before starting). Continue each rows until you reach the hip ridge and then lap over. Once I reach the main ridge I then do the other half the other direction. If you’re using 3 tab keep an eye on stagger, with architectural there no set pattern so stagger is not a concern. But do not cut your stagger spacing to close if using architectural as it could cause water intrusion issues when spacing is to close.
I personally prefer architectural over 3 tab any day of the week.

Stay away from Certainteed shingles…they are crap…

We use GAF, Owens, or Tamko

Don’t forget your drip cap and ensure you have proper venting…on a hip, I prefer a power vent with a temp and humidstat control.

Are you sure you want to do this?:slight_smile:

For 3-tab roofing, find your center at the top and bottom of the roof and snap two lines 6" apart.
Start on one line and work to the left or right. Every course alternates which line you use.

Do you know how to do your underlayment and drip edge installations.

Do you know about the starter strip at the bottom for your shingles.

Watch the video on how to cut the ridge caps and please snap a line for the caps and also snap a line every five courses of shingles and measure from the bottom on each end to make sure you are not going up the roof out of parallel with the bottom roof edge.

If you need a roofing gun, mine is forsale. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Thanks marcel! That’s what I needed to know. I didn’t understand how starting in the middle work but I see how the two different lines will work. Of course I want to do it. I have been renovating my house.


I roofed my garage about 2 years ago, business was slow for me then. I was transitioning from contractor to inspector.

I got a message like this…

“Hey Mike, its me your back and knees. The reason i’m making your life miserable right now is to remind you why you are getting out of construction and doing inspections. I hope the soreness lasts.”

And it did, the heck with that I will never roof again!

If you do it, go easy and be safe on the roof.