Researching adjustable columns

I was researching online information about adjustable columns. I’m not looking for comments to go with them.

I’m interested in other home inspectors photo’s and critiques of them. Anyone willing post a few photo’s and problems they found with them.

There’re a couple of good articles out there on the topic. The temporary columns seem easiest to identify with them being less than 3 inches in diameter.

What about additional defects of standard ones. How much rust, incorrect installation. I tried a keyword search but it didn’t turn up any other threads in here about this topic. Link them if you know of any.

Thank you,

Stephen Rager


Thank you! That’s an awesome power point presentation! I really enjoyed the pictures of what is right and that you can see the defect along with the implication throughout the presentation.

Very nice Kenneth, I saw that a few years ago and lost it in between computers.
Very educational for some. :slight_smile:

Another article on columns from the Ashi reporter;

Thank you for all the information everyone! I’ve got some reading/studying to do now for a bit.