Residential dwelling question.....

Does a residential house have to have a water faucet in the backyard?

Inspected a house and it did not have a water faucet in the backyard.
I looked hard to find it…

Not against the front or side of house.
Not in the backyard anywhere.

Never seen this B4.


When was it built?..required in recent construction…

It is more important to have a faucet by the outside A/C unit (same goes for an outside outlet). Just like James says, it determined by age. I at least note it in the report when there are no outside faucets.

Point out its absence without regard to when the house was built. Give your client the “heads up” on the inconvenience before they discover it later, on their own.

We have a county here in CO (Park Ctny) that does not allow outside faucets. They are usually placed in the garage, but can’t be outside. It s a water thing here.



Thanks…I will this verbiage.

There is no requirement in the IRC for any exterior faucet whatsoever. If there is only one, I generally let them know and if there are none I definitely let them know.

I believe the siding manufactures have required it for a long time.

I do find it missing and call it out as such.

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