Residential Electrical System Aging Research Project

I haven’t had time to read the whole thing but it seems intresting. :shock:

Prepared by:
David A. Dini, P.E.
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Has anyone read this report?

Not yet… 71 pages will have to wait until later…lot’s of marketing to do…priorities, ya know :smiley:

Hi to all,

that is a very informative read, you can skip the first 20 pages of fodder, the rest is great. They have effectively done a realy good history of residential wiring and typical defects.

Required reading for home inspectors.

Great find Mark



This should be titled “Really Old Wiring” :wink:

This is a “must read” for HI’s that do rural and aged homes.

Some great examples (pic’s) of what’s happening inside electrical devices.
A good reference for those that have yet to take a hammer to a circuit breaker or plug…

Good stuff mark. Thanks.

Why a hammer, don’t you use vise grips? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see any reference to Aluminum, guess they didn’t find any.
To find pennys under the fuses, we’d have to remove them all, which we don’t do, so that’s scary.
Also too many subpanels with grounded neutrals.
Good info in general.

John Kogel

Not to remove it, to bust it apart.

Thanks Mark,

Great study, well worth reading.

I guess I should read it myself. I skimmed over it a couple months ago. I think tommorow I’ll make a pot of coffee and read the whole thing. :frowning: