Residential well

I did a home inspection for a client everything went well. Later he finds out the well is tapped off underground feeding something to the neighbors out building.
Now he is after me for this.
There was nothing in the well room to tell me this was happening.
Does he have any recourse?
Thank you

How did He determine there was a tap on the well ?

When he had a well and septic inspection required before the sale.

How would you have known that during a home inspection? Wouldn’t you have had to go outside SOP?

Apparently the seller did not tell him this was happening until after the home inspection.
It was not visible from the outside of the home.

You didn’t use your x-ray glasses?

There we go. He found out for the sale.

He may have also had a flat tire on his other car that you couldn’t see. Did he call you about that too?

What does’'t he understand about it being a non-invasive VISUAL inspection?…underground…right! :roll:

As Juan pointed out, he knew before the sale. And the seller not disclosing it is the seller’s problem.

Oh, and Randy, there is no licensing in MI so you might want to get rid of that sentence. PM me if you need more info.

I’m a bit confused by your posts but looks like he found out before the purchase and it was found by the people that he hired to inspect that system of the property? If so what’s his problem with you not finding it, which you have no way of doing during the course of a home inspection? Sounds like he has no reason for repercussion against you. Good lesson about setting expectations before inspection begins though.

as others have said if he has any legitimate gripe it is with the seller for non disclosure …not Your problem…