Resizing photos

Not everyone is at the same level so here is a tip for all you newbies.
Next time you wish to down load a pic to the forum just use your free power toy from Microsoft (microflub)
Fast and easy with a right click to any picture.
Quick tip is that when you are browsing you do not need to leave this BB to resize as it can be done in the thumbnail.

What does that mean Robert?

If I can’t load the thumbnail onto the BB, how can I resize it without leaving?

Will …if you go to add a pic for the post and it tells you the file is to large you can stay in that upload section and resize it in the browser with out needing to leave and go to your my picture section.(assuming you are running windows)
You can right click the little thumbnail image and resize it while still on the BB pic download browser.
Did you down load the power toy.?
In other words there is no need to resize ahead of time.Which is kinda cool.

Test. Yep it works. You just have to browse again and right click and riaize the same pic as before then select the newly created resized photo.:slight_smile:

IMG_1536 (Small).jpg

Yeah you can resize with lots of programs like infranview or photoscape but this one is perfect for the little club we got.

I’ve been using that power toy for along time. I just usually resize before I post.

I just noticed it myself and figured others never tried it before either.

I hear guys talking about resizing pics but I have never had to but I am also living in the ice age my old camera still uses should I say Floppy yes I catch a lot of heat for this but I like it. Of course my B-cam is a little more modern uses USB for download but I still don’t have to resize them to post on this board. Must be the software that I use. Am hoping that Santa brings a new camera so I may have to start my learning curve all over again; hate that.

For those of us using Windows Vista try …it works pretty much the same as the XP power toy resizer that I’ve used for several years.

Geeze Charley, come in out of the stone age. 3 1/2 floppies. Wow.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sony Cybershot with ADF Illuminator $190.00 at Staples.
Also does video clips. Take 3 or 400 pictures and transfer them via wire to your computer in seconds. Resize all of them at once with the powertoy image resizer.

Course I’ll admit there are a couple of things I’m still stuck in the stone age on and never plan to change, but they’re not business related.

It’s good that some of these old old tips come back up because new people tend to only read so far back in the archives.

Knew I would take heat on that one. Yes it is time to up grade just hate fixing things that are not broke. My first born the network Engineer gives me hell every time he sees that old carmera=)


I used a SONY with a 3-1/2 floppy for years. But I have moved on.

Me, too, different subject . . . text messaging on the cell phone . . . always something new to learn . . . let us know if you were a good little boy this year . . . did you send your letter to Santa to let him know you wanted a new camera? :mrgreen: (hope you know I’m just ribbin’ ya)

Before I download it, will it mess up my photoshop elements program. I noticed theres a download and thumbnail viewer in toys as well. I like my current set up with photoshop, no matter what camera I hook up, it downloads and emails with captions perfectly…

Will this is just a plain simple feature that will show everytime you right click while in my pictures.
Download and do not worry.
I use Gimp which is the poor man photoshop.

I like the XP Power toys also. First time I downloaded and executed that Resizer, I thought, where the heck is it?
I didn’t realize that it adds a menu choice called “Resize Pictures” and then pops up a choice of sizes

I’ve had good success with posting 800 X 600 size to the NACHI board.

Resize Pictures.jpg

Resize Pictures.jpg

yeah same here.
Never found a faster way yet.


Very cool, Thanks Robert

2007 11 30_0347.jpg

Will, are they stocking that pond?:smiley:

I have been using Powersizer for quite a while now and have resized each photo individually. Is there a way to resize all the pics in the file at once instead of one at a time??? Same question goes for VSO for Microsoft Vista. I can’t figure out how to do the whole file with one click.:roll: