RESNET Core Exam

Hey does anyone have any suggestions or study tips that can help me pass the RESNET Core Exam for HERS? Please, any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated.


Randy, there is a study guide on ebay that says you will pass it if you buy it and study.

Thanks guys. I tried ebay…but no luck for a study guide there.


Send me an email or PM and I may have what you need.

I am going through the same process.

Randy, check back in a couple days on ebay. I seen it sunday night and Ive seen it in the past. Check under Blower Door.

Cool, thanks Matt…was checking under RESNET not blower door.

Most of the classes teach whats needed to pass.


Ahhh - thanks for the link Jeff!

My wife purchased the study guide for me.

It has some good info but the material I received from RESNET training has the same info.

It has not helped me thru the RESNET module quizes.

It seems to be bidding for 35-50 dollars. I would send it to you but it is copyrighted.

Thanks for all the good info guys. I finally passed the RESNET Core test!

Since I am taking in 2 weeks and the info is fresh in your mind care to pass on some of your infinite wisdom??

And CONGRATS. Very well earned accomplishment. Please celabrate.

Make sure you know the following subjects well:

-Building Science/Heat Transfer
-Building Diagnostic

Good Luck!

Congrats Randy on passing the test. What happens now, will you work indipendantly or can you add this service as a sideline to a home inspection service?

Not exactly the easiest test for some, but it does have some good information throught the course.