someone put up a link to a rubber or rubber like reusable/washable respirator with an activated carbon filter. lost it, can’t find it, think I want one, anyone know where it can be found???:wink:

Here ya go, Scott. This is what I use.


Exactly what I was looking for. Looks comfortable.

You’re welcome and yes it is.

from site:

#NEOMASK Controls fumes gases particulates Reusable
The neomask outside material is made of high quality neoprene. Neoprene is a hypo-allergenic and resiliently stretchable material. You can detach the carbon filter and place the neoprene neomask into a washing machine. To dry it, place in a dry cool place to let air dry. The inside material is an activated carbon cloth filter (ACC). ACC was originally developed by the British Chemical Defense Establishment (United Kingdom) as a highly efficient filter medium for protection against nerve gas and other highly toxic vapors that might be used in chemical warfare. The ACC Activated Carbon Cloth as been assessed and registered to meet the quality requirements of ISO 9001, EN 46001, and ISO 13485.