I wear glasses and I was wondering what some of you wear for a respirator when inspecting attics and crawls. I have not been able to find one that doesn’t fog my glasses- particularly in the summer. What the names of the good ones?

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No respirator should fog your glasses. Otherwise, you’re not getting the protection that you’re expecting. Fogged glasses mean a poor seal around your face.

I bought a cheapy respirator from Home Depot for $50, that has never fogged my glasses.

It could be as simple as making some minor adjustments to the fit of your respirator.

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I don’t use respirators in every attic, only when I see material that I’m not familiar with.

When I do dawn a respirator, I use the Home Depot special…

I keep a few of these in my tool bag.

I think i use the same as Jeff. Has the filter canisters with the yellow and purples stripes on them. Replacements are about 15-16 bucks. Its also approved for mold which comes in handy with some of the nasty crawlspaces i run into. Used to use a cheaper one and would have resperatory issues for 3-4 days after accessing the bad ones.

Adam, A Plus

Damn, maybe that’s why I’m wheezing every day.

Just kidding…

Those “dust masks” don’t protect against mold, asbestos or pesticides. . .


We don’t get much mold in attics out here. And if there were Mold signs or issues, I don’t enter the attic.

As for the asbestos, I’m not rolling around in the attic.

I rarely use any protection in attics. Crawl spaces are another story. Years and years of residue from pesticides, animal carcases, mold/fungus and other substances are in the crawl space dust.

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Now that explains the difference between you and I.

We don’t have many crawl spaces. I do enjoy inspecting while standing in our NE full basements.

Hey guys- thanks for the info.


Get a couple for free. Fit great and comfortable. :slight_smile: :wink: