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In reviewing information today about Neighborhood Environmental Reports I ran across a site called RESPIRNET that supposedly lists inspectors that are “certified” to do enviornmental testing, i.e. mold, radon, etc. Apparently they certify inspectors for this and then list them on their website (for a monthly fee) for searchers to find.

Since my partner and owner, Russell Spriggs, is already lab certified for Mold, Radon and Meth, does anyone know if they will list him or will he have to spend money on their program in order to also pay to be listed?

Additionally, if anyone does use this service, $19.95/mo for the Basic Plan and $29.95 for the Premier Plan, do you get your money’s worth in environmental inspection requests?

For those interested the site is

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I checked out their site and couldn’t really find anything to answer your question. I did however find out hoe to contact them via the net and you can ask them any of your questions from there. As for me, I receive most of my environmental jobs from referrals from many sources as a matter of fact next week I have a 5,000 sq ft home to do a complete set of environmentals on. It was a person I met from a BNI meeting. She is a chiropractor new to the area.

Here is the link for your questions.

I think these guys have been sending emails, anyone else getting them?