Results of FABI election: 9 of 11 officers and directors are now InterNACHI members.


  • President: Manny Gonzalez

  • Vice President: Jean Anne Baker

  • Secretary: Jeff Clair

  • Treasurer: Kelly Gibson

  • Immediate Past President: Ralph Cabal

  • Directors for 2019-2020: Albert Cooke, Neal Fuller, Glenn Stephens

  • Directors continuing for 2018-2019: Ron Burns, John Shishilla, John Vetter

Nine of the 11 officers and directors are members of InterNACHI.

Congratulations… “resistance is futile”. :wink:

Way to go InterNACHI!

Who here remembers when this would have been front page news?

Poor Jerry Peck. :mrgreen:

They’re a great bunch of folks, thanks for all they do!

As it should be. We’re all here to promote this industry and it’s called “working together”. Bring together the most powerful entities in related industries and combine their efforts… they’ll get something accomplished.