retaining wall

Retaining wall is located on the north side of the property. It is not attached to the house and fairly far away from the house. Client is simply curious about the way it looks.



Homeowner is saying that the wall was built sloped the way it is.
My thought is that if the wall was built to be sloped the ties still be vertical and look like steps rather that appear to be pushed out from the bottom.

But the bottom run is in line all the way.


As much as I think it was built that way, what ever the reason was on how it was built, it looks like hell, and would be prudent for a re-build. :slight_smile:

I agree :slight_smile:

The lower wall we sloped in and the upper wall we sloped out…:shock:

It is a problem that you want to address.
Repair/replacement will be needed shortly.

So, what was the rim used for?

I think what I will put in the report is that the retaining wall was not built correctly and should be thought of for a rebuilt.

At this point nobody is really sure who owns the wall. They are waiting for a survey company to plot out the property lines.

The garden hose. :wink:

Typically, it is used to wrap the water hose on.

Odd place for a garden hose. I asked because I had one retaining wall that used old metal hubcaps and rims to strengthen the wall.

That one is already laying down, so I don’t think it needs any retainer of anykind. ;):slight_smile:

They had also used the living room sofa as lawn furniture. They were Jeff Foxworthy fans, I think.

Well, they are more classy when they leave the hub cap on.



If you can’t read the info Marcel has displayed InterNachi has these ones.

Kevin, that last graphic on retaining wall graphic should like more like this;

One of the very first designs I did in the 70’s was like this and still standing. ha. ha.

The wide portion in the back and the key on the bottom prevent the overturn forces by using the surcharge backfill.

Yes I agree Marcel more better support than standard! And if we could put this in InterNachi graphics it would be better.

I thought I would throw this up to show what goes into doing a retaining wall and why we would never want to give advice more than a standard picture.
Notice on the end of info its speaks of the Key way Example#2 Marcel is mentioning as added protection.

Nice to see you read and make heads or tail of that engineering stuff Kevin, I don’t have a clue.

No I don’t bother with the figures as that is not my Job. I do read the info and try to remember where I learned something and it gets harder and harder each year to do. I am still young in most eyes. 47

That is one rough looking wall! Definitely an accident waiting to happen with out having a guard rail near the steps. Wall off of this thing wrong and you could get seriously injured.