I have been inspecting homes for a while but
Im new to the radon testing…in fact so new Ive not done one yet lol
took the basic Internachi radon course and am working on the advanced one.
I do have a Sun Nuclear 1027 on order. so ill be offering tests soon.
My question is what if I do test and find its been compromised by a home owner trying to cheat or unknowingly opening the windows…ect…
do I recharge for a retest or eat the time?

Yes and the seller pays for it. They might balk at first, but the buyers aren’t going to buy the property unless they do. To top it off, the sellers don’t get the discount that comes with doing the test with a home inspection. They get to pay full price.

If the home owner knowingly violated the integrity of the test, a new test should be paid for by them.

Was the owner informed of the importance of maintaining closed house conditions?

If not you should do it and eat the time and materials.

How do you intend to prove the Seller compromised the test? Do you have video of them caught in the act? If I was the Seller, I have two words for you… Prove it!

Good point. I assumed he would do that as its required.

If possible I try to get the seller to read and sign a radon inspection declaration voluntary compliance form as requested by my state. Obviously it’s not always possible…

thanks guys … I guess what Im gathering is its a fine line to walk at times .
I’ll be sure and educate the clients all I can .