Retrotec DU200 Model 200 Fan with DM-32

This particular model is comparable to current Retotec 340x and is available for upgrades.

It was last calibrated in 2013. Item was used a couple of times and stored safely. Comes with the carrying case and all of the items listed above. Photos taken Fall 2020. (listing below)

Retrotec DuctTester is designed specifically to measure residential duct leakage. It is used to locate duct leaks and to measure the results of duct sealing. The DuctTester can also be used in conjunction with a blower door to neutralize duct leaks to indoors so that only duct leakage to outdoors is measured. DU 200 Duct testing system includes a calibrated fan, a digital dual-channel pressure gauge, and a Flex Duct with flange to attach the fan to a register. Systems also include a hard-sided fan case, an AC adaptor for the gauge, and a roll of Grill Mask. DM-32 Manometer comes with this particular model.

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