retrotrec (blower door manufacturer) promoting NACHI.TV's online video training.

Retrotec is the “Cadillac” of blower doors. Great product.


Have had one since 1981. Has been wetted by rain, beat up other ways…still works!

Is Colin Genge still with them?

Brian asks:

Yep. He emailed us today saying that he loved the new online video course:

He is the President of the company Brian. He also just wrote the standard for large building testing for the USACE via ASTM E 779 standards (among others).

He is the Stephen Hawkin of airflow. The other thread I posted has a link to the USACE standards here:


When I met him around 1984-5 or a bit later, I was quite impressed with his knowledge. At that time he was on the NFPA committee for Standard 2001 and I had to speak to him about it as I had blower door work to do for a POCO using that protocol. I’m not surprised he made it to the top. Do you know if it’s his company now or if Sebastion Moffat, a founding partner with another gent, is still involved?

I’m glad there’s now a standard for large building testing. I sat on such a committee in Canada (Canadian General Standards Board) in the mid 1990’s but since it was all volunteers, a standard was never produced!

I am not 100% sure the name of the other original guy, but I am pretty sure he started another company and Colin runs the whole show. They have quite a few employees these days. Their product is really state of the art, with constant upgrades and innovations.

About the only thing lacking in the industry right now is a commercial duct testing system. I think they are working on making on and another is coming over from Europe very soon. The rest of the world is very ahead of us when it comes to construction and testing of tighter structures, so we will see more products coming in from other countries over time.


In 1990, when I set up an IAQ/TAB subsidsiary for an engineering firm, had one shipped from England through Davis Instruments of Baltimore.(cost $5,000)…(See below for an updated/computerized version of what we had!) and had capabilities to measure very low flow rates through great motor controls and a series of smaller, finely machined insertable concentric orifices. I actually did some window leakage testing on one contract for a co-operative housing complex…Oh, I wish I had that machine now…it’s barrel looked like a small cannon!!