Return Adjacent Fireplace

Got to love this one!!!


Aha!!! But we never use the fireplace and the furnace/heat pump at the same time. Aren’t we smart??

Because the last family died !!!

I have to agree that return is a bit close to the fireplace???

Keep in mind that there are many furnaces that can have the return piped to the back side of a fireplace heat exchanger and just use the blower of the furnace to move the heated air through out the home.

Pete where is Little Silver NJ
My Wife was Raised in Blackwood Near Camdon

Little Silver is in Monmouth County, exit 109 on the Garden State Parkway, at the Jersey Shore. Camden is outside Phila. Pa, and about 2 hrs from Little Silver (,+NJ,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title )

We do in Massachusetts…especially on Christmas day. I can smell the smoky heat now.