Return Assistance

As most of you may know, I was away from the inspection business for a while but am now looking at returning. I have kept up with the events within NACHI but, have not participated due to my non inspection staus.
Heres where I need your help.
Presently I,m in a position to enter into a francise at a cost and of course royalty fees. Still researching this idea.
If I decide not to go into this venture, what would be the best way to start up my own business without a large name behind me(not including NACHI).

Thing I’m looking for are:

Business set up
Software (preferably on site reports)

I have been looking into infra red dection but still unsure of that.

Basically, I’m looking at a business structure and possible associated costs.

Also , I would like to thank NACHI (Nick), George and Vern for their support to me over the past 8 months.

Good to hear from you again.

Thanks Vern,

Will probably contact you over the next few days re Alberta Chapter.
Also, to pull info on business ends.
As well George, I got your email but was unable to respond at this time. I appreciate the info and hear what you are saying. Thanks


Personally I do not think I would go into a franchise but if I was I would look at grass roots .
This is run by Graham Ashdown. ( )
( 905- 687-1925x21) I have know him for years and very easy going likeable guy .
You can communicate with him and he will not lead you wrong
Please send me email I have a grandson in Calgary who is talking about trying to get a home and will need an HI.
Roy Cooke …