rev brad cole scam

follows are 3 emails from rev brad cole…be very wary…

>>> Name: Rev.brad cole >>> Phone: 239-829-7793 >>> Email: >>> Message:
My name is Rev.Brad cole, I am a real estate owner and the >>> marketing manager of Starpoint Trading store based in usa. >>> we have real estate in the CANADA, UK AND EUROPE,ASIA. >>> we hired home inspector in canada,asia,uk,europe. >>> We Have a job offer available for you. >>> i found your listing just now. >>> we are about to buy a newly construted house in West Virginia usa. >>> i need to find a home inspector to educate me about the condition of >>> the >>> new home before moving in. >>> If interested please furnish this information below. >>> >>> CREDENTIALS…

>> Good Afternoon. >> Thanks for your respond. >> I visited your website i found out you a professional. >> I would love to work with you. >> Please i want you to quote your price for me. >> here is the home information.

hello . how are you? we give out $50 dollars to our workers after the inspection in completed… so you have got the same opportunity,we offer you $50 plus your inspection fee which is $470.67 thats approximately $490.67 one of our client just contact me that they had issued the cheque to you… but there was a mistake. my client made a silly mistake i wanna let you know the the cheque has been sent to you. but there was a little mistake in the cheque. the amount on the cheque suppossed to be $490.67 but there was a mixed up. there is a mistake. my client issued $2,850.00 to you. i want you to do me a favor. please what i want you to do for me now. please help me send the the excess fund on the cheque to my client when you get the cheque. the cheque is out already. you will get it real soon. please update me when you get the cheque. so i can let you out my client informtion for you to send the money to her. waiting to hear from you. have a nice day. thanks

Ya think? I can almost hear the dialect in that, the way it is written.

Sounds good to me…be a real dear and return the man his overpayment. You’ll sleep better knowing you did the right thing.

Email right back and tell them you have a new mailing address.
1000 Custer Hollow Rd
Clarksburg, WV

This guy was discussed on a previous thread here.

LOL Nice.