Reveal radon results to the seller?

If the sellers are home, when you pick up your radon meter, do you reveal the results to them. Obviously my client is the buyer and I am loyal to them, but shouldn’t the seller know the status of their home as well?

IMHO No. You have a confidential agreement with your client and shouldn’t reveal any findings with others (Unless state law differs).

If your client wants to reveal the findings to whomever, that is his/her choice. It could be a part of the negotiations.

I would suspect that the sellers will find out whether your clients buy the house or not, especially if it is a high enough number to become a safety issue.

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If they ask ~ I’m sorry, I’m not allowed.
One time they responded “who won’t allow you?”
I replied “ME” as I politely glared at them.


Thanks guys.

I will give this some thought. I may have been wrong in the past when i gave the results to the home seller when picking up a radon monitor. It has never caused me any trouble, yet. Sellers have appreciated knowing results asap.
If results are high, they are going to be asked by the buyer to Mitigate. I have answered their questions about radon and in many cases recommended a reputable mitigator to contact for quote.
If results are low, everyone is happy.
I have not yet had a situation where my client didn’t want results known, but Marc and Larry are usually right about these things so I will rethink my policy.


I was in the same boat and I knew tonite that the seller was going to ask (my other pickups have been vacant). Sure enough he did, and I declined. Reading was 2.9 average.

One more down and a little more knowledge in the back pocket


I’m surprised that they asked.

A lot of the sales agreement around here includes the stipulation that the seller will not participate in the discussion or negotiation on the results of radon testing. This is the result of being in a zone 1, where 70ish % of tests come back above 4.0. You can test the home, but do not tell us the results. Figure the $1,200.00 mitigation system into something else from the inspection report. Obviously this is a disclosure deal.

Immediate threats to life or limb should be disclosed on the spot, this is simply the human thing to do. Long term risks that they have potentially been exposed to for years simply don’t fit that test and another day or two before they find out isn’t going to make a difference that really matters.


I tell them if they ask. I don’t see any problem with it. It’s there home.


They didn’t pay for it, the buyer’s did. If they really wanted to know, they could’ve had it done pre-listing, along with an inspection.

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My agreement states the client agrees & gives me permission to discuss any matter with owners, agents, repair persons.
So… in the grand scheme of things you can chat all ya want with that clause in there if you choose to & feel it’s not gonna cause a commotion.
Judgement call.

Our inspection and report are for your use only. You give us permission to discuss observations
with real estate agents, owners, repair persons, or other interested parties. You will be the sole
owner of the report and all rights to it. We are not responsible for use or misinterpretation by third
parties, and third parties who rely on it in any way do so at their own risk and release us (including employees and business entities) from any liability whatsoever.


I use the Rad-Elec system so I don’t have the results till I get back to the office and measure the electrets. I could carry the reader with me, but it’s rather expensive and there is little benefit to reading the electrets on site. Either way I can’t give the seller what I don’t yet have. But as already stated the seller is not my client, I’m not inclined to give free testing to anyone.


Never reveal anything to the seller about your findings without authorization from your client.

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Exactly what I do. I use Sun Nuclear 1027 and fortunately I do have to run results in my computer.

Ends sellers question real fast.

I do believe the buyer should be the first to know the results.

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I would NOT disclose any thing to them unless it was a SAFETY issue such as carbon monoxide entering into the Home. You weren’t contracted by them. You work for your
Talk to an attorney, and they’ll say I can’t give you any advice, as you are NOT a client of mine. Everyone wants to protect their own Rice bowl (Asian saying)

I always tell them that the reader for the results is back at the office and I’m not sure. We use the Airthings Corentium Pro where you can pull results up right there, however, they are not my client and not paying for the test.

A harder situation is when the seller is there when I pick up the monitor and asks what I found during my inspection. I just say unfortunately I’m not allowed to talk about the report. Just easier with the radon reports.

Lots of replies; I try to keep it confidential whenever I can, which is most of the time. What I often do when asked is tell them whether “it’s high” or “it’s good”. I’m in a very rural area, and that kind of reply fits in to the norms of both the people and the business atmosphere here. They’ll know the reading eventually, especially if it’s high.