Revenue Streams

I’m a new home inspector who is building my business in Texas. Things are going well in the beginning stages, BUT was wondering about additional revenue streams. I remember my teachers discussing select companies (can’t remember specifics) who hire home inspectors for roof inspections, appliance inspections and I believe some mortgage companies may hire inspectors as well. Does anyone have specific information on private companies or government agencies who may hire inspectors?

Thanks in advance!

Scott Graham


That’s a good question. I’m going to watch here for any advice from others. I just started getting occasional calls from out of town companies seeking drive-by information for investors and from some lenders wanting inspections to document progress to release funds related to a home loan situation. It sounds like those leads came from INachi. Those types of jobs pay very little, but if it can work into my schedule I do it.

Good Luck!

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First time seeing this, I’m going to take a look!

Go here …

You can research some of these companies
Set up a free online listing, for them to contact you.

Make sure to do you due diligence
Just because they are offering to pay $10 for a driveby inspection does not mean that is the going rate.