reverse phone directory

Hi all,
just curious,
how many of you get pretext calls from other inspectors regarding pricing?
gotta love technology, for $50 per year you can find out just about anything about anyone and who it is that’s calling you, and from where.
they are not so sneaky after all!:wink:

not sure why anyone wants to know how much someone else charges anyway.

any thoughts?


They call because they want to know how much you charge to help them set their price. Some even have their daughter or wife call. Very few use their sons for this purpose. I don’t know why.

It’s a very old and established business practice to shop your competition.

How does he answer his phone? What does he charge? How does he schedule?

Just hung up from a competitor.
you can sometimes tell by the questions they ask.
If all they want is a price it is usually a first time customer.
If they ask some of the right questions the have done some research or have had an inspection before.
If they ask ALL the right questions I feel they are competitors.

if you want to know just look at my website there they are.