Review please

This service is in need of upgrading.

Please follow the pictures and comment as applicable.

The main in the garage was improperly labeled they had the A/C pullout were the main was supposed to go.

Then it feed to a 50 amp FPE breaker that feed to a FPE fused panel and then a separate 30 amp shut off for the dryer.

There is an old unused heater in the garage with the electrical in disarray.

The interior had mislabeled GFCI protected receptacles, handyman wiring under the counter and a dimmer and GFCI for the microwave. (Not so sure of this setup)

The phone, cable and antenna wiring looked like a 1st grader installed. The phone plug on the shelf is a good one.

Please review the pics as I will post as many as I can.

In one of the Pics there is a receptacle on the opposite side of the sink within 6ft. I suggested GFCI protecting.

101107 041 (Small).jpg

101107 034 (Small).jpg

More photos

101107 020 (Small).jpg

101107 020 (Small).jpg

101107 017 (Small).jpg

101107 020 (Small).jpg

101107 014 (Small).jpg

101107 012 (Small).jpg

That is NOT the “main”. That is typically the “range” pullout. Using it for an A/C is perfectly fine.

This rule only applies to counter receptacles.


In the first pic, the main pullout is on the top left, it looks fine.

What I can tell you is that the orange 30 amp fuses (in pic#4) are considered over fusing. The branch wiring to those fuses are #12 AWG and will melt on 30 amp fuses. In a worse case scenario, what could happen is the 30 amp is waiting for a full 30 amps in order to blow the fuse, but will not ever get 30 amps through a 12 gauge wire. So in this situation, the wire simply melts causing a fire issue.

I see several other issues where this electrical installation simply needs an Electrician to evaluate and estimate repairs.