Review Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s free webinar. I sincerely appreciate Joe Farsetta, Condo Bob, Sean Fogarty’s insight among others and would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the class and especially feedback for improvement.

Prepare the video part in advance so it is streamlined .
Bad part about video streams is the delays and fumbling with screen movement .

Simply do all the vid ahead and talk live with it.

Just an idea.

Also could do a slide show as well and just click through during discussion making going back and forth much faster .

Thanks Bob. I wasn’t playing any video. You was seeing my desktop live. When I moved my mouse you should of seen the same action. Was it slow on your end?

No was OK.
Just might be easier to converse for you if that is all done in advance .

If you are going to compare the differences between products it would be nice to show side by side comparisons if possible.

Thanks for your contributions Bob.

Jeff thats a great idea.
Actual pre load vids of both on split screen with guy (s) doing exact same picture edits at the same time to compare .

Agreed. Thank you Jeff.

Good job Billy, other than a few technical problems at the beginning it went pretty smooth. Lots of good information and nice exchanging thoughts and views with some well known names on the message board. Thanks

Good start Billy, now you got your feet wet :wink:


Does that mean we can do cat calls next time ? :wink:

Thanks Billy,

I really liked the webinar screen. Was nice to ask questions in real time and see everyones response. Nice program.

Thank you Ron. I enjoyed having you today. Come back again anytime.