reviews for I R camara

FLIR i3 Compact Infrared Camera

does anyone have any reviews on this item

Piece of s h i t.:wink:

What is your opinion about the FLIR i7?

Depends what your using it for…

…not home inspection though.

What would be the better choice in I R camera(s) for home inspections?

Anything 320 x 240 and up with the appropriate sensitivity.

Almost everything you measure in a building is an indirect measurement.

120x120 is the min. standard for weatherization so you need to at least get that far to start…

This is one of those areas where “you get what you pay for.”

Linas, David, Jeff, what cameras do you guys use? Knowing that you are also doing commercial inspections amongst other types and specialty inspections.

Like Linus said. Go 320x240 for building inspection @ 80mK or lower. New or used. You should be able to get used for close to $5K new for under $10K. You don’t really need bells and whistles, but you want good IR resolution.

I have a T400 and will be purchasing a short wave imager also.

Cool, thanks!

I am using the B60 - nothing like what the “big boys” are using.

I don’t do commercial inspections, and I don’t offer any stand-alone TI services. My use is limited strictly within the scope of a standard home inspection as defined by our SOP and my state.

If I were to offer any additional services, the B60 would not be adequate. At a minimum, I would purchase the T300.

Thanks for your answer!

There’s an EX 320 and a BX 320 on Ebay right now for $3800. They’re 320x240 imagers which are a great start up imager and price.

Just a note to this. As far as new goes, the t300 and t400 are obsolete…I would venture to guess even the used market will not be able to get the T400 down below the T420 new price, and will probably be closer to the T440 new price.

Will - If you want a used one, I’ll give you a good price on an EX320 or T400 FTF.

Thanks Chuck, I might be very interested! When would be a better time to call you?

Anytime after about 3:00PM

I’ll try to give you a call tomorrow. Thanks