Revised Vendor COE

Hey everyone! After some great feedback from our members, we’ve posted a new, revised draft of the vendor COE at:

To whom does one report a violation?

Hey Nick… you forgot the 1,000 year BAN you promised me! :mrgreen:

I’m not anticipating any, so do you think simply posting it would work?

No, I don’t think that would work. Would you like for me to demonstrate why?

Jim asks a very reasonable question.

What is the answer?

Can the vendor create negative ad campaigns against NACHI members who refuse to purchase their products?

Another very good question and where this mess began.

I don’t know the answer.

Looks great to me

Ad campaigns that mention InterNACHI members by name?.. No. Ad campaigns that say “hire inspectors who use my products?”… I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Why would anyone see anything wrong that?

What course of action will be available to NACHI members whose business has been affected by vendors who use negative ads as a punishment to NACHI members who refuse to purchase their products?

Then we are no better off than before. :frowning:

Even when they make untrue and unverifiable statements that look like facts?



Without effective enforcement and that includes some one to report violations to, it’s useless.

Huh? Enforce what?

The very rules you are discussing. :roll: