Revised Wind Mits

I recently completed a wind mit reinspection after the owner made improvements. I revised the original wind mit report and sent it in as I have done many times before.

This time Citizens rejected the revised wind mit report and gave this explanation:

“Citizens no longer accepts revised inspections. Please provide a new inspection if credits have changed.”

I called Citizens and spoke with a very nice representative (Andrea) and, long story short, she said that while this company policy (not accepting revised wind mits) has been around for a while, it was essentially not enforced. However, due to recent changes, we can expect this policy to be enforced in the future.

If this is accurate, any improvement resulting in credits will likely need an entirely new wind mitigation inspection and report.

Has anyone else experienced or heard about this?

If you had to go there to verify the changes then change the date then it is a new report. if you went there it is new.

That’s what I do, never had a problem.

Good to know because have done plenty of revised reports. Would have to do a whole new report because my photos are dated. What will they think of next? oh yeah digital forensics to see if your picture actually matches

Reason number 10000000000000000 not to date picts… They may call that out. If not dated you can claim you just re took them or crop them to change look if problem from idiot arises :slight_smile:

Do you make a note somewhere on the “new” report indicating there are two inspection dates and the information/photos were obtained at two different times? Or do you just update/change the Inspection Date, update the inspection results (reflecting the improvements made) and call it a day?

I’ve been doing the first which Citizens rightly considers a revision and is no longer acceptable to them (if what i heard today holds true). Doing the second seems inaccurate because two inspections are being passed off as one inspection even though, in the end, the inspection results are the same.

I want to be wrong about all this but the Citizens rep I spoke with seemed certain of this. In the end it is no big deal. I wanted to get some input from others about this to see if anyone else has heard anything about this or not. At the moment, most of our wind mit reinspections are free because it is usually easy to document the improvements made and revise the form. If an entirely new wind mit is required every time an improvement is made, we may scrap the free reinspections or at least handle them a different way. If Shawn and Mike’s way (and maybe everyone is doing it that way too) of documenting improvements is truly acceptable then we’ll consider it. Anyway, it’ll all work out in due time.

Thanks for the responses.

There is no spot on the form for making notes and I only fill out what is on the form as I have been preaching for years. Notes normally confuse insurance folks. Never had a problem with it :smiley:

Mike is right for a lot of reasons. Leave the date imprinting off.

Or else try to use a separate camera from the HI.

Just change the date on the form to current date and revise what is needed. No need to tell them it is anything but new. And no need to date pictures

Do it again and charge them for it.
Ain’t your fault.

Yeah if I go back they get charged. Sometimes a little less if they can work with my schedule.