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Funny you should mention NAHI. I went to the NAHI booth at the ITA Convention out of kindness and good gesture and was greeted by several scurrying “chicken ****” people from Inspection news and and not so friendly Mallory. It was fun.

Must be something in the air. This is the second time in less than three months that I have extended my hand in friendship, only to be greeted with the words, “My Lawyers don’t want me to talk to you, because of pending lawsuits”, or words to that effect. Poor girl hadn’t even been advised on the days earlier events in which NAHI lost, yet another law suit against us.

Oh well. Now I understand that ASHI in their last Directors meeting was also putting up for vote another law suit against us for use of certain words in our title.

Why they keep spending all their members monies on this frivilous BS is beyond me. I guess ASHI is upset because their membership has fallen below 3,400, and they want to blame NACHI. Both of these associations should quit their pettiness, begin looking within themselves, and start tending to their members before they lose them all and have to shut their doors.

The upcoming year will be interesting to watch. If ASHI does not make a comeback I can forsee serious ramifications. Ramifications that will extend out to all inspectors especially in those states that mandate the NHIE as their examination of choice and tout the ASHI SOP’s as their standards. A huge change is about to hit the Home Inspection Industry. Any inspector, vendor, school, etc. that has not aligned themselves with NACHI may very well suffer the inevitable.

Watch the trends, it’s already begun. NACHI’s numbers are increasing monthly in leaps and bounds. I’m willing to say that NACHI North American Membership will be at the 10,000 mark by the end of October beginning of November.

Perhaps it is time to start preserving a few sanctuaries so that we can keep these people from becoming totally extinct.:wink:

WOW! John .
This must be a trend OAHI/CAHPI ( ASHI NORTH) Must have the same disease.
OAHI/CAHPI continue to show BIG fear in NACHI.
OAHI/CAHPI Prosecute those members who show any respect or communications with NACHI ( they use there own make up as you go rules ) to intimadate and fine members as OAHI/CAHPI see fit.
OAHI/CAHPI has not told their members that they can attend the NACHI Toronto conference
for the same price as NACHI members can .
OAHI/CAHPI has not told their members that NACHI has offered a free Both to OAHI/CAHPI at the NACHI Toronto conference .
I read on the NACHI BB that OAHI/CAHPI has stopped giving the OAHI/CAHPI information that their bylaws state they must because they are afraid NACHI might find out information that should be public knowledge.
We in Canada hold out our hand to OAHI/CAHPI and they think by ignoring us and not hearing us we will go away.
Unfortunately it is the Home Inspectors who are suffering.
We Home Inspectors are what it is all about .
OAHI/CAHPI forgets we the Home Inspectors do not need them
A very large % has shown that over the years.
NACHI continues to grow in Canada because NACHI does listen to the Home Inspectors and does give them more help more information has an open BB for all HIs and the public to get much information on a continuing basis .
Thank You NACHI for being so helpfull to all Home Inspectors every where .

Roy Cooke A very Happy NACHI Member NACHI we all love you

I’m thrilled! Pennsylvania joined NACHI & ASHI today and proposed legislation to stop preferred vendor lists. Bye bye scumbag NAHI! Go here:

I’m getting really pi$$ed off. I’ve been saving my money for years so I can get in on the pay for play groups and now that I’ve finally got enough saved to pay - everybody wants to quit. What a bummer …

Dem’s the breaks. You snooze, you loose. :mrgreen:

But this ought to cut down on those $175.00 inspections in our area.

Imagine, paying $175.00 for a contractor’s agent ‘estimate’. :shock:

Geeesh Dan, after reading one of your other posts about making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a HI, what are you going to to with all of that extra money? I need some new tires.:frowning: