Reviving an older successful MB Experiment

A couple years ago, someone (I believe it was John Bowman) kicked off a project that I’d forgotten about completely until the other day, when I did a Google search for inspectors in my ara.
Sure, I was #1 in the unpaid listings, & shortly afterward was the post I’d made in response to the experiment.
That post had all the info a googler would need to find & contact me.
The idea was not to have an ongoing thread of posts, but rather to let it drift off into space and let the spiders do their thing.
My memory may be a little off on some of the details, and some others may correct me if that’s the case.
This was before Dominic’s time here, and he may have some insights into this, as well as updated advice.
I don’t mind planting seeds for later harvesting!

You can see the format I used, under the “Ancillary Services” section, if you want to hop on board with your own. . .