Rheem water heater age

I’m trying to date the age of the vacant ranch dwelling I inspected this morning. The dwelling had the functioning, ancient water heater in the photo. It appears as if it is original. Now before anyone goes nuts, I know it should be replaced…just trying to get the age of the dwelling.

Here are the vitals: Rheem ‘Standard Rheemglas’ 52 gal.
Model # 665H-52D
Serial # 1237 3759

Does anyone agree with the 37th week of 1959???

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Try calling this number - 1-800-432-8373 - it is the number for tec support at Rheem

Somehow it doesnt look old enough to be almost 50 years old.

Did you try looking up the age th rough the county appraisers office.

Pull the public records. There are several Internet services that provide such access, and some provide a free trial period. Try RealQuest or DataQuick. I get access to Realist through my Domestic Partner, a Realtor with Century 21. Realist is simply RealQuest for Realtors.

The date of manufacture for a Rheem water heater is found in the serial number.

Here is how to read a Rheem water heater serial number:


Looks like it was manufactured in December of 2003 to me…

Call or email the manufacturer to verify.

By the way, when was the basement flooded? You can see the water mark on the outside of the heater…

That unit is way too old to be a 2003. Rheem does not make the water heaters with a single panel cover plate any more (at least not that I am aware of) I found the same the same thing you did on Rheems site - hence the number listed above to call Tech support. It looks like it should be somewhere in the mid to late 70’s. Let us know.

I don’t think it’s older than 10-15 years max if you ask me.

Be interesting to see what he finds.

All my research on Rheem indicates that they used a month-month-year-year system with any remaining digits being consecutive annual numbers. That would make it a December 1937 unit. That would also make it the oldest water heater I’ve ever seen. My previous record was a June 1943 unit, also by Rheem by the way. However, it had been “remanufactured” several times; perhaps your unit had been also.

Russel, I don’t think they were building “ramblers” in 1937.

I guess the 1943 was a recent find.

I talked to the Rheem tech line and they indicated a water heater with an 8 digit serial # is at least 30 years old. The tech on the phone tried to use the mmyy formula, but we both agreed there is no way the unit was made 12 of '37.

Apparently 8 digit serial #'s do not use the mmyy formula.

Based on this ‘goose chase’ I’m tagging the home at between 30 and 40 years old…

Remember that water heaters can be replaced, so the public records is usually the best place to check on the age of a home.

Well I got an old one just like it yesterday, home was built in the 60’s and 66 is in both the serial number and the model number…looks exactly like the one in your picture. The well pump actually had a pulley on it!