Rheem water heater serial number - 1960???

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I inspected a Rheem water heater yesterday with the following serial nimber - C-0460-12717

Following the format in determining the age of a Rheem water heater I came up with April 1960. This thing is so clean and in pristine shape on the exterior. But I notice there is no plug on top, and the vent hood feels heavy like cast iron or steel.

Any comments? The man who lived at this house, I'm told, always took care of everything or had it serviced religously. It seem like this thing can last another 20 years.

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ya keeping up with the maintenance of a water heater is important, but usually on the old ones the life expectancy is determined by the size of the (zinc or magnesium)block bolted to the inside of the tank which corrodes before the copper. once the block is gone it’s all down hill from there for the rest of the heater.