Ride along in central Virginia?

I am not an inspector yet in the state of Virginia but have passed a lot of the Internachi certifications and need some hands-on inspector experience. I would like to ask if any Virginia licensed inspectors can offer, or are willing to allow me to accompany them on some ride-along training? I’ve been in the construction business over 40 years and have been asked to do structural inspections with some clients over the years. I also do have current liability insurance and am a licensed Virginia Contractor . I’m in the Spotsylvania/ Fredericksburg area and am more than willing to travel a bit outside my area?

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If any of your fellow members volunteer to take out, let me know. I’m going to really reward them.

Thanks Nick.
I appreciate that!

Nat, if you want to come down to Va beach for a day, let me know.

Thanks Brad. If I were there, I’d take you up on that offer.

Nat, if you can line up a few in your area, I’d be happy to come there since that is the area you want to market. We can work out the finer details if you are interested. I am about 1.5-2 hours from you, depending on Fredericksburg traffic.

Appreciate the offer Greg, I really do. Only difficulty is that it is 160 miles, one way.
A little too far to travel .
Thanks very much for the offer tho,

I sincerely appreciate the offer, it is just that VA beach is 160 miles, one way from here.Its just a little too far.
thanks very much tho.

Thanks for the offer, I do not have any work up and running yet . I’ll contact you. soon as I do
many thanks,

Okay. Will help as much as I can

Hi Nick
Juan Jiminez has offered to help me and I’ll be doing some ride alongs with him on Tuesday 5/26/15.
Nat McCague