Ride along in CT

I am a student inspector, working toward becoming a Texas home inspector. I currently live in Waterbury CT and plan to move to Texas next summer. I am trying to find a local home inspector who would be willing to do some ride alongs. I will help carry the ladder, buy lunch, carry tools etc. Terence Wilkins 917-753-2352 terencewilkins15@gmail.com


Are you currently Navy? Are you looking for ride alongs in CT or TX? Where in TX are you moving to?

Looking for a ride along in CT.

Looking to move to the Round Rock area in TX. Not set in stones but is going to be somewhere outside of the Austin area

Is this just for the experience and you will do official TREC required ride alongs when you get here? Or is TREC accepting ride alongs from out of State?

Lot of Inspectors in the Austin area now as well as a lot of PE’s that perform inspections. If this is a retirement move take that into consideration when you decide to proceed with all training. You will obtain business and can build one but not quickly as the conditions here are not conducive to trying to build an Inspection business quickly unless you want to work cheaply.

Just for the experience. I don’t think TREC accepts ride alongs from another state. Thanks