Ride along inspection schools

I’m in the process of becoming a licensed home inspector in Virginia, and I’m having the greatest difficulty finding an inspector to do ride along inspections with. I’m fortunate in that I’ve gotten one ride along under my belt, but I’m looking for more ride-alongs.
Does anyone have the contact information for schools or other training opportunities with offer to take new inspectors on ride along inspections? I’ve come across two in Virginia, Next Day Inspections and Quality Home Inspections, but I’ve had trouble getting through to anyone.
If you know of any schools or inspectors who do ride along inspections, please let me know. I am willing to pay to learn.

this should get you started
Certified Home Inspectors in Virginia - InterNACHI®
advise contacting outside of your base of operation
many covet their territories
think Hatfield-McCoy

I’ve contacted dozens of inspectors from the list on the website. That was my first step to finding an inspector to do my ride alongs with. Contacting inspectors outside my area was one of the best things I could do, most inspectors don’t want to “train a competitor”. However the process is moving at a snail’s pace. I started reaching out in mid July, at this point I’ve had one ride along.

I didn’t understand what you meant with Hatfield-Mccoy. Could you clarify that?