Ride along?

Hello everyone, im a new inspector in the Menifee ca. area and am having a heck of a time getting this inspection career underway. I have been on one ride-along and learned alot however , I could use some more direction or experience with the SOP end of things. I am a licensed General Contractor as well as a member of interNACHI . I would love to go on another ride along to gain some more experience and knowledge so my clients can get the best report I can offer. Any help , ideas ,or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Mike

where is Menifee Ca?

Southwestern Riverside County,

A loooooooooong way from you :smiley:

South of March AFB.

Keep doing mock inspection… Get to known your report program like the back of your hand. This is going to be the number one tool you need to master… what to say and how to say it.

Don’t wait for some one to help you with a ride along. Start inspecting ever one home you know and then post your inspection of this members only section of the board. let the sharks have at it.

You must know you product and be able to do a report in your sleep… because you will be doing report in your sleep… We all do. I can’t say how many time Ive got up and went in and put something in a report. then back to bed…L.O.L. We all do that.



Hi Mike,

Did you ask Jeremy if he’d take you again? Post on our message board as there are a lot of other HIPPIES in there area that might take you out.