Ride alongs in Colorado

I am a recently certified professional inspector through internachi and I’m seeking someone in Northern Colorado to do some ride alongs with I have 38 years in the construction industry I was a licensed realtor for Prudential been retired since 2008 and I’m trying to re-enter the work world could use some help thank you in advance

Craig, contact some CMIs within 50 miles of your location. Some inspectors don’t want to feel like they are training their competition.

You can search here:

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Thank you I have contacted a couple but they haven’t followed up with me I’m not looking to steal anybody’s work, I was physically disabled in 2008 told I couldn’t work in my field of choice any longer financially I get by but I strive to have the life I used to have I feel useful and viable and truly feel like I could help somebody instead of thinking of me as competition think of me as a prospective employee

Good attitude, Craig!

Someone will help you along. :smile:

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Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Here’s some practical advice for you, I’ll leave the technical training to Ben and the boys. Good luck!

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Thank you very much I,ll check it out immediately

Well what do you say Colorado inspectors any of you willing to drag an old guy around with you on a few of your inspections call me 970-391-2663

Check these also, Craig:



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Thank you Larry as usual you always have something kind to say and something positive to offer surely appreciate it

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My pleasure, Craig. I hope you get what you need! :smile:

One more plea to you Colorado gentleman or ladies I’d like to do a ride-along or two shadow somebody for a few if you’re interested call me if you’re nice I might even buy you lunch