ride alongs

Does anyone know of an inspector in South Carolina that would give a student free ride along trainings?

Brian, what part of SC are you from?

Hi Brian,

Instead of asking for free ride alongs (which you very well may get) try offering to compensate your mentoring inspector. Most people think it’s reasonable to pay for training.

Your more than welcome to come to Orlando, I’ll let you do a few crawls in historic downtown Sanford-loads of fun and no charge, either.


Also, call fellow members that are 60 miles away from you or more, so that they don’t feel like they are training a future local competitor. Oh, and buy the doughnuts.

It’s an unwritten rule, apprentice provides donuts & coffee. If your inspecting commercial property it’s steak for lunch & the apprentice carries the ladder.

Darryl, I am from Charleston, SC. I notice you are from Gaffney, my grandparents used to live there.


I have no problem providing donuts and coffee. And i don’t mind driving past 60 miles to get some training inspections in.

They are not doughnuts they are called fat pills around here and they work real well some have to disclaim the crawl space they don’t fit;-)